Justice League vs. The Avengers
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They’re undoubtedly the most famous and celebrated superhero teams of all time, each representing the pantheon of heroes from Marvel and DC, the “Big Two” comic book publishers. But which iconic team is truly the best? In this episode of VS, we’ll take a look at the key aspects of both teams to determine which mighty heroes stand for truth and justice.

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  1. i Think its safe to say we all regardless of DCEU DC or MCU or Marvel want to see Justice league and Avengers in a crossover fighting together NOW THAT is a Dream WE will can Fight For !!!!

  2. DC villains team up more because most of them are too pathetic on there own. Marvels villains are vastly superior. You just wouldn’t know it from the movies.

  3. Why haven’t you watched the Justice League movie yet? It’s been out for over 2 weeks!!!! Also in your 5th round DC had 2 to 1 on Marvel so you have just shown me that you are a clearly Marvel biased channel and are unqualified to do this video. Sayonara Marvel suck ups

  4. You know you can like both… right? The justice league is a team of characters joining together to fight threats too powerful to deal on their own. The avengers join together to fight threats too powerful to deal with on their own.

  5. okay so
    Round 1 – founding members (okay makes sense)
    Round 2 – Additional members (okay good good)
    Round 3 – Team Chemistry ( disagree but good subject to base a round off)
    Round 4 – Villians (okay now we’re getting somewhere)
    me – I assume round 5 is going to be the most important round and base it off the comicbook storylines right? or maybe sales because before tv and film THEY’RE COMIC BOOKS FIRST! RIGHT….RIGHT?!)
    Round 5 – Film and TV (you had one job).

    no but in all seriousness how are you going to make a list about two comic book franchises and not talk about the actual fucking comic book sales or storylines! if you were gonna include film and tv you might as well have gotten rid of additional members as a category

  6. justice league is stronger but they are more boring seriously they are too OP they dont even need to be a team superman can solo wonder woman fought reverse flash and flash can move way faster than the speed of light
    OP doesnt always mean good

  7. Right when I saw “Films & TV”, I knew who was gonna win. I’m more of a Marvel fan, but I think they are both equal, it just what people prefer.

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