iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Gear Up^
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Which phone is better, the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy 8? Which is more powerful? What is the different between the different iPhone and Galaxy versions? Looking at everything from the size of the devices to price and hardware features, this is everything you need to know about Samsung and Apple’s best mobile devices. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to help you decide which new console you should pick up, the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy 8.

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  1. Very true! Apple users will try all their best to bring out funny ideas just to disprove this shatterproof fact to cover up their unwise decision of buying. MOST apple users buy this crap of a thing only for physical prestige and unworthy admiration. Apple users contribute so much world rottenness.

  2. K like I know people get pissed with these kinds of debates but like past the 600$ any phone will do, they’re all great and will be pretty much the same to the average consumer. Except the htc u11

  3. Well, as a Note 8 user myself, I pretty much have to agree with this video. Except for one thing, which are that there are more Edge panels available than just “Apps edge” and “People edge”. I do really like using the “Quick tools” and “Clipboard edge” panels.

  4. iPhone X didn’t win anything 😂😂😂😂😂. $1000 is definitely not worth that garbage. NOTE 8 FOREVER

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