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Just in case you’re planning on getting yourself into some dangerous situations, we’ve got you covered, as we look at some of the ways that you can survive a disaster movie! From falling in love to being a scientist, facing your fears and being Jeff Goldblum, we’re looking as some of the biggest disaster movie tropes, and trying to get you out alive! What’s your favorite disaster movie?

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  1. Be the camera man and you’ll live to tell the tale unlike Cloverfield and found footage films.

  2. #1 Don’t even watch Disaster Movie at all, it bombed the box office and originality away from the film industry.

  3. You forgot Irwin Allen, the Master Of Disasters.

    4:47 Tell that to Harlee and Lisolette from The Towering Inferno. They met and fell in love during the disaster, and she died falling from the scenic elevator.

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