After nearly two decades on the air, it’s time to consider how Family Guy could end. Along with The Simpsons and South Park, Family Guy helped pave the way for cartoons with adult-oriented humor. But unlike an interminable gag where Peter hurts his knee, this show has to end sometime. WatchMojo discusses how Family Guy could end. How do you think Family Guy could end? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I think a lot of people want the planned movie to be the grand finale for the show.

    • @Travis Stoudt if so I want the finale to be Peter and the chicken man have there final fight the whole episode

  2. The way it must end:
    Peter and Lois divorce, Meg becomes Mike, Stewie becomes 2 years old finally, either Peter kills Apollo or Apollo kills peter or they resolve their issue, Brian dies of old age, Qaugmire and Brian finally become friends, Qaugmire and Cheryl Tiegs get married, Stewie finally kills Lois.

  3. Cut to a real life family that looks like the Griffins, with a realistic looking Brian dog. The cartoon version of the family has been in the dog’s imagination the entire time.

  4. “We don’t want Family Guy to end.” YES, YOU DO!!!!! You said a million times how much you want this to end.

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