Goosebumps vs Are You Afraid of the Dark, which scary show spawned your childhood nightmares? In this showdown, we have the TV adaptation of R.L Stine’s smash-hit book series, Goosebumps in one corner. Squaring off against this cultural landmark is Are You Afraid of the Dark, the cult horror TV series that had its debut in 1990. WatchMojo pits Goosebumps against Are You Afraid of the Dark. Which show is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m more of a Scary Stories to tell in the dark guy, the stories were perfect, the original drawings made it great and no one could narrate it as magnificently as George S. Irving did. But if I am only allowed to choose between these two I am a Are you afraid of the dark guy.

  2. My brothers and I LOVED Are You Afraid Of The Dark, our parents set up the basement like a living room so on Saturday night one of us would be in the basement and call up to the other 2 to come down to watch. We would shut the lights off.

  3. I didn’t grew up with “Are you afraid of the dark?” (Born in ’95.) So i’m siding with “Goosebumps”. However i think the ? are better ,as well as scarier.

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