And now our watch has ended. We all loved Game of Thrones’ last season right? Right? If you are wondering how the cast of Game of Thrones reacted to the series finale, we have everything you’d need to know! Between Isaac Hempstead Wright thinking the script was a joke to Emilia Clarke walking around London for 5 hours after reading it, we got all the drama from the cast of Game of Thrones regarding the last season of this beloved cult television show. What do you think of the final season now? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. It was a shockingly stupid ending. The writers should feel embarrassed for putting out such contemptible trash. What an utter waste of 6 good seasons. Anyone who’s defending this seasons storyboard is just plain stupid and would have been satisfied with literally any ending.

  2. The thing that most pisses me off about season 8 was that the Night King is actually the same actor who was a stunt double for Arthur Dayne. His name is Vladimir Furdik and we could’ve seen the Night King fight like Arthur in Winterfell but Dumb and Dumber decided to waste the opportunity.

  3. considering HBO offered them and they said no we are good and went and Ryan Johnsoned Game of Thrones I have absolutely no faith in the future of star wars

  4. It was a little anticlimactic that the song of ice and fire was a cold water bottle and a hot cup of Joe.

  5. 0:45 wtf are u talking about Lost fell apart long long long before the last u smokin?!

  6. With these type of things I tend to believe and give more importance to people’s first reaction because I think it’s more genuine, just look at Kit’s “disappointing” answer for example, he wasn’t even thinking, he was just being honest about it.

    On the other hand, once more time passes people tend to start rationalizing things and see the positive aspects of a situation no matter how bad it was. Also they are professional actors, they did the best they could and they know it’s not cool to talk bad about your last job or the people you worked with (D&D in this case), so that’s why in the end they kind of changed their minds on the matter.

    But anyway, regardless of the actors’ change of opinion it’s not like the consensus about season 8 and the ending is not clear, not only the fans but critics all over the media, and yes even the actors first reaction was that season 8 was really bad.

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