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Two of the most iconic horror franchises of all time are going head to head, comparing villains, kills, heroes, scares, and more! WatchMojo presents Halloween Vs. the Friday the 13th! But who will take the top spot? Watch to find out!

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  1. Did you guys see the remake where he stabs that nurse to death like 90 times even though she is already dead he beat the shit out of here I was like damn Bruh ??

  2. Listen Micheal is my favorite no matter what idc what you guys all he has to do to Jason. Is bring water or stab him in the Heart to bring Jason. Back to hell did you guys for get Micheal is pure evil he is immortal he can’t die along as evil exist just because Micheal has a kitchen knife don’t mean shit he doesn’t need a knife sense he is PURE EVIL he has more power than Jason and the more he dies he COMES back stronger than before my mom loves Jason and thinks the total opposite of me Micheal has a scary mask and. He is sneaky and clever

  3. I can’t believe Halloween won for remakes. They only made him win to tie the score. And Michael wins for ‘killers’ because Jason just runs around and hacks and slashes. Michael is a silent killer. Michael should have won that won

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