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Written and directed by WatchMojo founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, Fox In The Henhouse examines why young people are drawn to socialist ideals, many billionaires are pointing out capitalism’s growing inequality, the lack of balance in any discussion about ways to improve the plight of more people in society and ultimately, the growing role of Entrepreneurship in society and how it can help redeem Capitalism.

Fox In The Henhouse is the first long form documentary from ContextTV, WatchMojo’s new channel covering entrepreneurship.

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  1. hi folks, Ash here – founder of WatchMojo & writer/director of the documentary. To pre-empt the usual chorus of incorrect assumptions:

    No, this isn’t a political piece. It touches on 1) why so many young people are suddenly drawn to socialism, 2) why billionaires are lining up offering solutions to make capitalism more equitable, and 3) the role that entrepreneurship could play in leveling the playing field.

    As a Canadian, I am fortunate to live in one of the world’s best countries while (for all intents and purposes) building what’s essentially an American media company. But being born in Iran (and then leaving at a young age), I saw first hand what it’s like for people to show up and promise a better future, only to see a worse reality emerge. 

    I wanted to bring all of these things together… and as we launched our new brand Context which looks at enterprenership, the stars aligned. We will be doing more on these longer specials, and most will touch on other topics but always have a link to the world of entrepreneurship – I’d love your feedback. We don’t intend on publishing it on WatchMojo, but as per the comments on the video’s page on the Context channel, the original reception has been pretty good & many WatchMojo viewers encouraged us to spotlight the documentary so we’re releasing the trailer for those who may be interested in the topic and themes.

    We present what the bigger proponents of both socialism and capitalism have to say, discuss how much of it is semantics and perspective. But ultimately, it would be beyond hypocritical for the guy who founded WatchMojo (feverishly covering American mass media and entertainment) come out and say that capitalism is evil, since capitalism is undoubtedly the ideology & environment that allowed me to experience the success I have over the years, but that success ultimately came via entrepreneurship – and THAT’s essentially the point of the documentary! 

    A lot of the WatchMojo team worked on it, so I hope you watch it… and of course if it’s not your cup of tea, then you get a gazillion more videos this weekend on the WatchMojo channel! Have a lovely weekend and as always, thank YOU!

    Watch the full documentary on YouTube here:

    • @rwsthedemonking I don’t think you have seen the documentary. To defend capitalism, I am merely highlighting what some of the critics are saying… that is the problem these days: people who are Republicans listening to FOX all day, people who are Democrats listening to MSNBC all day – no wonder no one gets along. If you watch the doc, it’s pretty clear what my views are… who the hell is the fox in the henhouse, in your opinion?

    • You need to stop trying to spread your evil communist way with videos full of nothing but out right lies. Also you said you were Canadian so why are you going against your own people. Also just talk to ANYONE who as ever had to live under a communism and they will all tell you it is the worst thing to ever happen. Why do you thing everyone wants to come to America you know the land of the free. To get away from there overbearing governments. One last nothing not one thing is wrong or evil about capitalism it is the only way a poor man can become rich. It a socialism only 1% of people have power and if your not born with it you will never have it. Capitalism is freedom and socialism is slavery plane and simply as that.

    • @nick9399 This is essentially the answer to “Frequently Posted Comments Made Without Having Seen the Documentary,” so it’s not posted with no context and randomly. It’s literally based on “what people said” with the distinction being people who rushed to comment without seeing the documentary.

    • I see. I’ll check it out but before I do, is it not possible to have a country with a mix of these ideals? Like not purely Capitalism, not purely socialism but a mixture of both?

  2. The harder you make peoples lives the more left they go.

    Far right politicians like to complain about the very monsters they create.

  3. Yeah ok mojo. You can’t even keep your political bias out of top ten lists about Nintendo games – so your cattle-like compliance with every trending article of propaganda in the headlines comes as no surprise to anybody.
    If I ever want your opinion on politics or economics I will just assume it will be a regurgitation of the same propaganda-based social-change narrative that is already perpetuated by Hollywood and the media.

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