A murderer whose crime was celebrated, astronauts up to no good, and a dog that came between life and death. These three stories may seem strange, but is it possible that their foundations are rooted in truth? Tonight, let’s test your abilities to decide between fact.. or fiction.

Wife Kills Husband Over Cat – Fact or Fiction?

Man Eats Own Amputated Foot With Friends

Pet Cat Calls 911 And Saves Owner – FACT or FICTION?

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  1. I got all three of them right. 😀

    And the astronaut smuggling a sandwich into space made me laugh. XD

  2. Hello ? Jim ? very nice ? voice today brother my friend ? I saw that in this video NASA bro very nice ? cool ? Jim I am ilke Jim my man ?

  3. Just a little confused; When you were telling story number 3 the dog was a German Shepherd, then at the reveal it changed to a Golden Retriever. How is this even possible ?. Lol

  4. The ending part of story 2 was really confusing in terms of priorities. I can totally understand the sammie rage because yeah, even the tiniest particle of dust could completely disrupt space stuff, but I thought NASA was the fun part of the government programs and I just can’t see them seriously getting upset over an astronaut vocalizing about a bodily function. That’s also kinda something they may need to know to check up on the astronauts, right? But yeah, how dare anyone ever talk about farts, amirite? It’s all a load of hot air anyway. 😛

  5. How many did you get right?! If you like this series, please take the time to share it on social media and with friends so we can continue making them! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day!

  6. First of all, we don’t own dogs, dogs owns us!!

    Secondly, regardless if the dog has saved their “owner”, they’re still a good boy/girl either way. 😀

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