Deadpool VS Deathstroke
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Two deadly mercenaries with a lot in common, it’s time to decide who the greatest Wilson truly is: it’s Slade VS Wade, the original VS the parody, Deathstroke VS Deadpool. Who will win? Our VS series pits two classic characters against one and other in 5 rounds that ultimately decide who wins and who loses.

Origins of Deathstroke:
Origins of Deadpool:

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  1. Look at all the dathstroke fan boys?????? you’ve gotta admit that deadpool is millions of times more funny, stylish abd POPULAR then deathstroke

  2. The 10 percent thing is a myth. We in fact use all of our brain. Each part serves a different purpose.

  3. I like Deadpool better just because he has that funny personality and he originated as a bounty Hunter which is cool

  4. I love Deadpool and I like his movie and on the big screen and Reynolds playing him makes him the man, but deathstroke in the comics is just better

  5. if you read comic books about both of them then, you know how stupid and pointless this video is.

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