Let the Cola Wars begin! Both of these companies have earned themselves immense amounts of brand loyalty over the years, and we’re going to examine both Coke and Pepsi on a number of different criteria, before finally settling upon one empire to rule the kingdom of carbonated beverages! Welcome to WatchMojo, and in today’s instalment of “Versus,” we’re going to be pitting two of the soft drink world’s biggest rivals against each other once again for cola supremacy.

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  1. I used to be Pepsi all the way but they changed the recipe a decade ago and I didn’t like it

  2. I honestly prefer a nice coka-cola Pepsi just seems both too sweet and diluted at the same time. I just had a can of both in their traditional flavors being their classic ones and had to side with coke but Pepsi is a good alternative even though the only difference was that it went down faster because it was more flat

  3. In the past: Man, I bet in the future, we’ll have flying cars and the cure to every disease!
    2019: Coke VS Pepsi?!?!?!🤔🤔🤔

  4. Is anyone triggered at Pepsi for stealing Coke’s glory for the Super Bowl? I’m TRIGGERED PEPSI, COKE IS BETTER😠!

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