Cloak & Dagger: Should You Watch It?? Episodes 1-4 BREAKDOWN – WatchClub
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Marvel’s new series Cloak & Dagger premiered recently on Freeform, starring Olivia Holt as Dagger and Aubrey Joseph as Cloak. WatchClub is back to follow along with every episode… will you? Comic book TV series can be hit or miss, and WatchMojo staffers Mariam and Chris will breakdown the highlights, low points, and point out a few easter eggs from the first 4 episodes. Whether you’re a fan of the comic book series or an avid viewer of young adult romance-dramas, this show has something for you!

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  1. Its like what 4 hour long episodes in and still nothing exciting is happening. Shouldnt of let this stupid feminist leftist channel freeform get there hands on this if this was on netflix it would be amazing

  2. As of right now it’s going good, but the problem every episodes feels like a cycle. Starts of normal, starts going REALLY slow towards the middle, then slightly starts to pick up towards the end, & at the end it loses me. I think now that they’re starting to understand their powers I would like them to kinda pick it up with the fights & villains & stuff like that, because again it’s moving kinda slow but that’s just my opinion. Also if they could cut all of the drugging Dagger is doing because if I recall correctly Dagger was just a misfit in the comics but she was never a drug attic, so I’d appreciate if they cut down on that. In the most recent episode she just towards the end just sniffed a whole line & the moment felt so rushed & out of place & random.

  3. I like it! It’s a little bit slow right now, but that’s ro be expected as they develop the storyline and the characters, but so far, I’m entertained!

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