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Chris Pine’s WONDER WOMAN Character to Come Back from the DEAD? – The CineFiles Ep. 76
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Horror movies, business deals and Wonder Woman bombshells! These are the stories that make up this week’s edition of The CineFiles! The Conjuring’s latest instalment in their extended universe just dropped a trailer, and it looks terrifying! The Nun sees The Conjuring 2’s villain Valak back in the mix in the fifth movie in the franchise. Comcast is hoping to break up the Disney/Fox deal by offering a massive $65 billion all-cash deal, which could potentially see them acquire a number of 21st Century Fox assets. And finally, Patty Jenkins dropped some big news when she tweeted out that Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is alive and will feature in the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the latest edition of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema.

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  1. When I saw WW in theaters all I could think is that Steve’s action would qualify him for a Green Lantern Corp ring.. I hope they go that route.

  2. Wonder Woman que aun mantiene su trajesito Sexy porque DC siempre sexualiza a la mujer (lo que ya deberia cambiar) aparte que copió toda la historia de Capitan América the first Avenger ahora será que quiere copiar a the winter soldier trayendo a su BUCKY digo Steve Rogers wow que original… Sin contar que Gal no se como no encaja en el papel de la mujer maravilla si lo han notado esta actriz parace Oliva la novia de popeye y no una Amazona si desean pueden checar como es una Amazona y ella no tiene nada de nada de una..

  3. I think this will be or his relative or her illusion. There is no way he could have survived and didn’t aged.

  4. First, I just saw Incredibles 2 today, it was great! Second, the character Steve Trevor has flashed forward in time before. The 70s tv show began in the 40s but jumped to the 70s when having a period piece show proved too costly. They kept the character of Steve Trevor though, using the same actor, but explained it as the 70s era character being a descendant of the 40s era one. Perhaps this is the case with Chris Pine, but I much prefer your Martian Manhunter theory

  5. Why should we care that wonder woman is continuing to copy the Captain America storyline?

  6. Y’all, it’s the original Steve’s son. Has no one seen the show? They did the same thing.

  7. In the TV series, it jumped from ww2 to the 70s, if I remember correctly, it was his son or grandson going by the same name. They’ll probably just do something like that.

  8. Y’all forget that Steve guy is mentioned in justice league and it didn’t seem like he was alive so if he does come back, he’ll die again.

    DC needs to give up on movies.

    They’re shit at this.

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