Chemtrails: DEBUNKED
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Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Other times, fiction is just plain fiction. Many believe that the cloud-like streaks that seem to emanate from the back of an aircraft’s wings are actually part of a grand conspiracy perpetrated by the government against its people. Join WatchMojo as we debunk one of the most widespread conspiracy theories: chemtrails.

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  1. China used chemtrails during the olympics to have better weather. Look it up I believe it was 2015. Whale seeding, operation solar shield. Disney made the videos about them in the 50s

  2. Watch the UN convention on chemteaiks. Its well documented that its been used since 1890. They made a rule of war to make them stop using chemtrails

  3. I read that solar eclipses are actually super common (something like monthly) and chemtrails are used to make us forget to increase sales on eclipse glasses or some nonsense.

  4. You incorrectly showed the Blue Angels as an example of contrails which is not contrails but oil injected into the exhaust, and just normal exhaust which is black and also not contrails.

  5. These chemicals in the trails induce cancer to control population growth. Why else is millions and millions of $$$ being invested into cancer “cure research” when we haven’t got a cure yet. They have the cure, but they will NEVER release it. They also have the the cures to all the other “incurable” diseases such as AIDS. It IS a conspiracy.

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