Can Wonder Woman Save DC?

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  1. I really hope they don’t try to make it all flashy and funny like they did
    with SS.That is marvels thing and that is what ruined SS

  2. Doupt DC can make a second Fantastic Four… I hope so 🙁
    Oh yeah, stupid clickbait title deserves a dislike, sorry WM >-<

  3. Going into this film is with a negative attitude is the worst thing to do.
    Its a different director, different screenwriters, different everything
    then the other DCEU movies.
    Putting the film down before you have seen it because of a film belonging
    to someone else is ridiculous.

  4. The DCEU used names of great characters without understand nothing about
    their stories, their sense and their ethics. In this trailer we could see a
    giant mash up between 300, Xena, Cap. America and Thor without anything
    from the greatest stories written about an iconic characters in the last 30
    years. They should use G. Perez’s run with elements from Byrne, Jimenez,
    Rucka and Gail Simone, but no, they still insist with the vision of Snyder,
    that didn’t even used the name “Wonder Woman” in the first movie where she
    is. Their choice. But these characters deserve better than generic

  5. Need saving my ass. MOS BVS AND SS are solid movies. Its all subjective,
    your taste is different with most of all movie goers.

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