Black Panther Becomes BEST Live-Action Superhero Movie on Rotten Tomatoes – The CineFiles Ep. 60
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This week’s episode of The CineFiles heavily features sequel stories and record breaking movies! The Jurassic World franchise is gearing up for a big release, and we’re not talking about Fallen Kingdom. Universal has set a premiere date for Jurassic World 3; June 11, 2021. Jessica Chastain has entered early negotiations to join the sequel, It: Chapter 2 as the adult version of Beverly, which was played by Sophia Lillis. And finally, Black Panther broke numerous box office records since it premiered, and also broke a major Rotten Tomatoes record. So sit back, relax and enjoy this instalment of The CineFiles, where we count down to week’s biggest news in cinema!

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  1. We all know friday is the best movie ever, they shot the movie in like 5 locations and it was still a good ass movie, the second and third was ass tho

  2. Even though i like every Marvel film, i must say Black Panther wasn´t as good as expected, probably because i read so many opinions saying it was the best movie and when your expectations are so high you go down when you see it. But the problems i see in the movie are:

    -Vibranium now works for everything? I mean in the previous films it was just the strongest material in earth, but now it works to build a futuristic city and all the things you can possibly imagine? come on

    -The new suit seems waaay to strong. I really liked the Black Panther in Civil War because it had pretty cool fights, yet in this movie, he solves every fight with that energy pulse

    -The last fight. When you see dozens of people against the Black Panther you think “Niceee! finally some good fight moves”
    Well NOPE, he just makes that energy pulse and goes straight for the final boss… really?

  3. Black Panther deserves every credit, amazing cinematic masterpiece.
    But “best live-acton superhero movie” title may go to Civil War tbh 😛

  4. The more Praise it gets the more Hated it will become

    EXAMPLE: New England Patriots best foot ball team of all time

    *foot ball fans come outta thin air saying tom brady lost*

  5. Panther was good. That’s about as far as I’d go. This is just a racial thing. When I went to see it 80% of the theater audience left before the end credit scenes. Most of the people who went to see did care or even know that it was a Marvel/Super Hero movie. They just went because it was a black movie. Nothing to do with hero shit.

  6. in terms of the Black Panther id watch 10-12 marvel movies before watching it, because it was ok, not great

  7. I’m going to channel my inner Al Snow: the Black Panther is one of the best superhero movies ever based on the money it brought in. And for all those who say “just because it made a lot of money doesn’t mean it was the better movie” let me offer you this; if there is a movie out there worthy of winning a stack of Oscars and Golden Globes and no one went to go see it & the movie was nowhere near recouping its budget is it considered a success or a failure vs a movie which everyone hates but broke more box office records than you can count? The whole idea of something being a good movie is sales aka putting asses in seats.

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