Another Top 10 UFO Sightings
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People have been seeing strange things in the sky for centuries, but is the truth really out there? From the Rendlesham Forest sighting, to the Tehran UFO Sightings, to the The Flatwoods Monster’s Spacecraft, these sightings are hard NOT to believe. WatchMojo counts down Another Top 10 UFO Sightings.

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#10. Rendlesham Forest
#9. Tehran UFO Sightings
#8. The Flatwoods Monster’s Spacecraft
#7. Black Knight Satellite
#6. Voronezh Incident
#5. Levelland UFO Case
#4. Westall UFO
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I wish you guys at WatchMojo would check your facts properly when discussing UFO cases.
    JAL1628 was NOT a close encounter of the third kind. That would signify that the cabin crew encountered aliens beings, They didn’t. However if this case was to be given any classification it would properly be a radar visual sighting. Both Anchorage air traffic control and the Elmendorf air force base independently saw on their radar an object that appeared next to the plane.
    This object was gigantic, it made the 747 jumbo jet look like the size of a toy. You will find in the link provided an accurate description of just how big this object was and more or less what it looked like.
    If anyone would like more details of this case, then you need to check out this YouTube video out. fact that should also be noted about the JAL1628 case is that it wasn’t carrying passengers only cargo.

  2. We camped at Rendelsham Forrest a couple of years ago and where they have put the statue doesn’t link up to where the RAF/Soldiers said it was meant to have landed. Plus the statue look like a giant iron and the symbols look like something straight out of Stargate. Killed the whole experience if you ask me

  3. The reason aliens never communicate with us is because our memes make them question if we are worth talking to.

  4. I have seen several over my 70 plus years but no camera now I have a good one and have seen nothing but still have hopes and as they say they do not exist

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