Another Top 10 Terrifying Horror Movie Masks

Scariest masks to appear in horror movies, these are the faces killers hide behind. WatchMojo presents another top 10 masks to appear in the scariest movies. But which mask will take the top spot? The grinning masks from The Purge, The Doll Masks from The Strangers, or Sam’s Mask from Trick ‘r Treat? Watch to find out?

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00:39 #10. Frankenstein Mask from “The Funhouse” (1981)
01:28 #9. Owl Mask from “Stage Fright” [aka “Deliria”] (1987)
02:22 #8. Surgical Mask from “Eyes Without a Face” (1960)
03:08 #7. Wax Mask from “House of Wax” (2005)
03:54 #6. Animal Masks from “You’re Next” (2011)
04:44 #5. Sack Mask from “The Orphanage” (2007)
05:34 #4. Green Mask from “The Purge” (2013)
06:40 #3, #2, #1 ????

Big thanks to Mattyhull1, TheJackGaffney, Adam Vallance, DiscordsDestiny, Zander619, Ramny and Kim Holgado for suggesting this idea, and check out the original Top 10 list here:

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  1. ” Your Next” didn’t get a theatrical release here but I saw it on demand,
    it’s def one of the best horror/thrillers of recent memory up there wit
    Sinister n the strangers

  2. I always thought the mask from Valentine was scary as hell. The scene where
    he’s after that one girl and he looks through the window, steps away, then
    looks through it again. OMG.

  3. The Strangers is such an underrated movie imo. I don’t understand why so
    many people didn’t like it. The characters were smart, the tension was
    thick, the music was eerie, and it had some of the best horror movie
    moments I had seen in a while. Who could forget that scene where Liv Tyler
    was in the kitchen going about her life and the sack mask walks in, pauses
    to watch her, and leaves before she even notices anything?! It was suspense
    in its purest form with one camera, no cuts, and no music. I still remember
    how the entire theatre gasped and shrieked.

    A lot of people complain about the ending and the intruders’ lack of
    motivation, but they’re completely missing the point. That’s what makes the
    movie unsettling and truly horrific.. not knowing why they’re there or
    what’s going to happen. The point is it can happen to anyone and there
    doesn’t necessarily need to be a reason why.

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