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Who doesn’t love it when South Park makes fun of celebrities? Phil Collins, Michael Bay and Rob Reiner have all fallen victim to the controversial show’s merciless parodies. WatchMojo is counting down more of the celebrities who have been made fun of by South Park.

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#10: Phil Collins
#9: Cesar Milan
#8: Bill Donohue
#7: Michael Bay
#6: Rob Reiner
#5: John Edward
#4: James Cameron
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. “James Cameron is the only Canadian not looked like this”

    Actually, WWE wrestler Edge and Justin Bieber were also in South Park and were Canadian and were not shaped like that either

  2. I actually didn’t know that the Phil Collins thing was because he got an award they wanted, that makes it even funnier.
    I like Phill Collins and just thought it was funny for no other reason than that I laughed, but now I have a specific reason to think it’s funny.

  3. Can’t wait for them to do Harvey Weinstein. Maybe he’ll hire Hillary to defend him from all these bimbo eruptions!

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