We’ve been had, AGAIN! For this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most misleading video game trailers in recent years such as Pokémon GO, Watch Dogs and even Final Fantasy VII. Whether it led us to having super high expectations or just flat out lied, we were super bummed when we actually started playing these games. Which games were you expecting more of based on their trailers? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I loved Brütal Legends as a kid, but it got scratched up so I never beat I need to get it again.

  2. Final Fantasy 7, really? Ok, for that time, the cutscenes were amazing and the gameplay aswell. What did you expect: similar graphics like recent FF games? And you’re missing the point: it was all about the amazing story.

  3. 1. Anthem

    The Gameplay trailer from 2018 e3 was completely misleading, and the cataclysm was fake.

  4. The graphics on “Watch Dogs” were not sub par lol. The game looked pretty good, it just didn’t look nearly as good as the fake gameplay trailer Ubisoft showed at E3

  5. Is it just me or like all the top 10s every Chanel does seems like you’ve already seen it? I swear these top 10s are so unoriginal and flat out boring

  6. Watch dogs wasn’t bad. It’s just the graphics looked like ps2 even on a ps4. Maybe it looks better on pc?

  7. FYI, the original Elite: Dangerous trailer has “Not Actual Gameplay Footage” plastered along the bottom. Also, battles inside of Conflict Zones & Resource Extraction Sites were as visceral as shown in the trailer…..just sayin’ 😉.

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