Another Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items
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The time has come to return to the dark and clandestine world of off-menu ordering! From the Flying Dutchman, to the Sonic Purple Sprite, to the fabled Neopolitan Shake, these tasty exclusive items will have your mouth watering. WatchMojo counts down Another Top 10 Insane Secret Menu Items.

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#10. Flying Dutchman
#9. Sonic Purple Sprite
#8. Neapolitan Shake
#7. Mc1035
#6. Enchirito
#5. Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurger
#4. Land, Sea & Air Burger
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I ordered the land sea and air at McDonalds and they made it for me, it was Awesome!

  2. Ok I’m definitely getting that grilled cheese burger from Five Guys next time. That sounds amazing.

  3. Eh…. I’ve done a double baconator with double the bacon. So I guess I’ve already had the meat cube 🤣

  4. Um… if you had a top 10 about this before, you can’t have a second top 10 because the numbers conflict. Why not say “11-20 and click this link to see the top 10”. That would make sense… jeebus.

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