Another Top 10 Darkest Movie Theories
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Just in case you wanted us to ruin more of your favorite movies, we’ve got you covered. There’s an alternative way to look at nearly every movie, and here are just a few of the darkest, include theories from Ghostbusters, The Dark Knight Rises and The Incredibles!

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List rank and entries:
10. The Ghostbusters Died When They Crossed the Streams
9. Donny Died in Vietnam
8. “Aladdin” Is Set in a Dystopian Future
7. It’s All in Bond’s Head
6. Michael Becomes Travis Bickle
5. Bruce Wayne Died in the Nuclear Explosion
4. Ferris Bueller is a Figment of Cameron’s Imagination
3, 2, & 1. ???

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  1. #3 Please! We’ve seen how amazing Edna is. If she wanted Syndrome dead she could easily build something in to make that happen rather than put on a cape and hope it kills him…sooner or later. Doubt me? She build a locator into Mr. Incredible’s suit that could track him anywhere on Earth before GPS satellites were a thing…and it was so small that no one noticed it.

  2. *Didn’t 2011’s The Thing (the prequel) prove that Childs was indeed human by having the whole “the Thing cannot replicate non-biological objects when mimicking entities, like piercings and dental fillings” since Childs still had an earring (that you can see in the scene WM shows)?*

  3. If you want to take the comics into consideration then Child’s isn’t the thing. In fact , both him and Macready are human, the comics continue the story

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