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There were so many great moments in Avengers: Endgame that we couldn’t stop at just one video. From Scarlet Witch confronting Thanos, to Thor reclaiming Mjolnir, to Stan Lee making his final film cameo, Avengers: Endgame is packed with so many memorable, jawdropping superhero moments that we had to hold back from just including every single minute of it. Which Endgame moment was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • The movie is objectively terrible, the script is lazy, incoherent, inconsistent, the movie is FILLED with plot holes and non sense, they went overboard with the shitty disney humor yet again, they made shit out of Thor and Hulk characters, the time heist plot was shit, and not even the final battle was good enough. The list of flaws is endless and the few good stuff it has does not save how bad the movie is, Infinity War while far from perfect is 100 times better movie. Bad movie for braindead children who have not even read Marvel comic books or have good taste in anything.

  1. The lack of love for the incredible emotional moments of ant man looking at the memorials then finding Cassie makes me unhappy

  2. We all keep talking about how tony is the hero, but the true hero is the rat that saved ant-man, if he didn’t help ant man, endgame wouldn’t be possible

  3. The hulk is wearing glasses…..I won’t watch this shit even if it’s free on Netflix, and I’ve seen the phase 4 plan….RIP marvel

    • Summer Tyme It’s all been laid out…didn’t you see the plan for every movie/show? Shit I can send you a link, it looks fucking terrible besides 2 movies, as I said, RIP marvel

    • Nick C Stop lying. No human on earth has seen Marvel’s phase 4 plan, and stalks part 2 (!) of top ten video – but has not seen the movie. $TFU fool.

  4. I think the team handling black widow’s loss and hawkeye reacting to his wife’s call after reverse snap deserve to be on the list

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