Ancient Hindu Temple Discovered In Sea In Bali Island
underwater discoveries documentary

An underwater temple has been discovered off the coast Pemuteran, Bali in the middle of deep sea. Scientists have discovered that it was built at least over a thousand years ago & was constructed in the sea only.
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  1. all are different posture of buddha. if you travel to thailand you can see all this buddhist statue in different posture. This is a fake video claiming buddha as shiva and buddhist temple as a hindu temple. Hindus like always claiming they are great and everything. Oh plz wake up and dont be a moron.

    • Do you know what sanatana dharma is??If you look at Kailash temple in Maharashtra,there are sanatan dharma deity as well as buddha and zain are carved.Sanatana dharma gives free will .If it didn’t like islam then nor buddha neither jains could have made free will and attain enlightenment.Buddha never fought about religion and buildings.I think you don’t follow buddha.

  2. Its a buddhist temple not a hindu temple and all the statue are of buddha. Dont spread fake video. That posture is of buddha.

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