5 Things Fans of Aquaman Want You To Know
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With the new movie coming out, Aquaman is the hottest character in the DC Universe right now. Well… At least that’s what we can say about Jason Momoa. Boy is that guy very handsome indeed. This video has information about the popular DC Comic character Aquaman and facts about him that you should know. His origins, his motives, his desires, all that Jazz. Stick around for Aquaman!

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  1. Yeah I knew this big-screen adaptation of Aquaman would essentially take a lot after Thor Ragnarök

  2. 1, he is way way way cooler than you think he is.
    2, he doesn’t talk to fish.
    3, he is basically thor of the sea.
    4, he doesn’t talk to fish.
    5, he if very different from Namor (mostly).

  3. 5 things Fans of Aquaman want me to know…
    *That I’m a stupid marvel shill for thinking BvS is absolute garbage.(x5)

  4. I thought Thor and Wonder Woman had alot in common?

    Well only difference is WW is just too feminist to take seriously ?

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