13 Mysterious Things That Cannot Be Explained
After reading these scary unexplainable events I started to ask myself, what is it about a good mystery that is so intriguing? I think it’s a way to get a thrill with zero risk. And it’s fun to see if you can come up with an answer by playing arm chair detective. If you are a fan of mysteries, then you will love these.


  1. 13: Looks more like he dropped a hot iron on his stomach.
    12. It’s probably an angel of Revelation style.
    11. Looks like a painting to me.
    10. Her survival to that point wasn’t impossible.
    9. Not enough data.
    8. Thoroughly debunked.
    7. Seems to be a natural phenomenon.
    6. Explained itself.
    5. Probably a little sibling.
    4. Not enough data.
    3. The mother, due to blindspot in camera.
    2. Not enough data.
    1. No idea.

  2. is it just me or is that robot voice a little annoying? n it also seems to cut short on explanation of the contents of the video.

    • +Tara Dewan not just you…other people have made a comment also. I can’t stand my own recorded voice either lmao!

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