Netflix is a blessing, let’s face it. But blessings can often be double-edged swords, and can often bring with them some… less than great side effects. These series and movies from Netflix are those side effects – unfunny, nonsensical and in some cases unwatchable – here’s Netflix’s dark side.

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  1. Bright and death note we’re both good! I’d never watch an anime, I can’t stand them

  2. Disliking for including Bright. Sounded just like any other movie critic who said it was bad even though I’m pretty sure failed 90 million budget Netflix films wouldn’t get a sequel ??

  3. I liked Iron fist. It was a bit boring at times but it could have been worse. It could have been another cop drama haha. 🙂 I liked ridiculous 6. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t terrible. I also liked bright. People focus wayyy too much on “deeper meanings” or what movies are “really about”. Don’t put so much thought into it. Just look from the surface and enjoy the work that went into a finished product. I mean seriously. In almost all fantasy anything humans and orcs don’t get along. In fact no races get along with orcs. I mean, I guess dark ones like necromancers, various types of undead, and other dark beings do but still.

  4. the worst part is, nearly 80% of Netflix originals are recommended by the audience of netflix.

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