Initiation rituals might be banned in certain places but that doesn’t stop people still doing them! These are some of the most bizarre we could find in 10 Weirdest Initiation Ceremonies…

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    • Luckily the Geordie equivalent of #5 is just your first time getting drunk on cheap cider down your local park and going through the pain not only of your first awful, debilitating hangover, but the b*llocking you get off your Mam in the morning for being sick on the carpet…

    • Yes, I have: US NAVY Crossing the Line, and Blue Nose; as well as crossing the International Date Line on a semisubmersible drilling rig. Too many years at sea.
      Courage. Honor. Commitment.
      GO USN!

  1. #3 When I first heard of the Skull and Bones, I expected them to be cool, judging by the name. But now, to me, they sound like a bunch of weirdos. Guess I’ll just start a heavy metal club instead of joining those total whackjobs. Oh, and if I do start my heavy metal club, people can be initiated in whatever way they want to. You’re fucking welcome.
    #2 Takes a whole new level to old men’s club. That’s all I have to say TBH.
    #1 I mean, I fucking love hot sauce, but I’d rather be strapped to a car getting blasted with fireworks (#6).

  2. 3:00 Crossing the line is also known as the Shellback Ceremony. Once initiated, you are a shellback. It started in the Navy but other uniformed services also have maritime vessels and have this ceremony. Once upon a time, I went on a mission via military catamaran from Japan to Australia, so…

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