You won’t believe some of the weird things you can do to make yourself smarter! From listening to certain music, to sniffing herbs, these are 10 Weird Ways To Make Yourself Smarter!

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  1. Can you think of any other unusual ways to make yourself smarter?! Comment below with your suggestions!

  2. who knew that learning (music) makes you smarter, i thought learning always made you dumber

  3. caffeine perks you up, but you’ll eventually crash and start to feel tired. its better to drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep instead.

  4. So, Fallout was right, wearing lab coat helps with INT, so can chewing gum and caffeine. They missed the mark on alcohol though, but then again, you can’t take it in small quantities anyway. And now you can ask a girl if she wants to have sex to be smarter and do better on exam… 😀

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