Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Just because scientists can see, observe, and study something doesn’t mean they’re able to fully explain it. In this Archive, we’re going to explore ten things that exist – though we can’t figure out how or why they do.

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10. Why Do We Dream?
9. The Mars Hole
8. The Tully Fish
7. Humpback Super-Groups
6. The Great Pyramid of Giza Cavities
5. Earthquake Booms
4. Blood Types
3. The Space Roar
2. Star Jelly
1. The Light of KIC 8462852

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  1. When I get bad dreams, I’m able to change it around to make it funny or good. Unless I want to keep the bad dream going where I’m the bad guy

  2. I love these kinds of videos. Too bad there are not more of them. Serious teaching with a side twist of good humor. Nice.

  3. I enjoyed watching this video as usual. I would enjoy seeing your shinning face a little more, just sayin. I’m curious who writes the narrations on your videos? Is this a team project or do you do this on your own?

    • I’m sure Jim will be around shortly, but I’ll answer your question too! Jim’s inner thoughts (writers) are actually 2 girls – Sophie and Ximena, and 2 people also do the video editing – Martin and Mary. I (Alex) overlook and put everything together, and then of course there’s the star of the show, Jim! 🙂

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