The Second World War is undeniably the most important and influential events in modern history. But how could this astronomical event have ended differently? How would it affect us now? These are 10 Ways WWII Could Have Ended Differently…

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  1. Let me guess, because of who your master is, you didn’t mention another way WWII could have ended differently – we attacked the Soviet Union for attacking our ally – Poland. Instead we only declared war on Germany though Russia did the same thing.

  2. Some of the strategic blunders made by Hitler suggest that he was an agent financed to wage a proxy war on the Jews.

  3. Both the map and globe don’t have New Zealand and on the globe it has Australia in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and South America

  4. Hahahaha, in Siberia? The Japanese already lacked oil, do you think they will find more in Siberia? With all that mountainous terrain, with those most freezing winters, with these endless forests, in a very inhospitable place? Pfff they would have lost all their men, either for desertion or gone missing.

  5. You left off a big one – Pearl Harbor is never attacked. Would that have meant the U.S. stayed out of the war completely?

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