We’ve all wondered whether we have what it takes to go completely off the grid, to disappear and never be found. Well, here are the best ways to do exactly that! These are 10 Ways To Disappear Completely!

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    • I’ve done it before. Of course it was easier back then and no one has ever suspected I was Jimmy Hoffa. Muhhhaaa

    • Not trying to be mean here but this is probably not the video to put on here. If someone is mentally ill, they’ll run with these tips. I have depression and PTSD and I’ve had many times where I wanted to run away and never be found. Just my feedback.

  1. So if you get a birth certificate and then a social security number could you open up w bank account and the. Max it out and then just make a new identity???????

  2. In that thumbnail you can tell its her. Just look at those dead eyes and the pronounced cheek bone not hard…

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