Our sister channel Unveiled also tackles a similar question in this video. What if we could ALL read minds?

It might have its advantages, but telepathy could cause a lot more problems than it solved. For this list, we’re contemplating what it would be like if everyone in the world had the power to read minds, and how such an ability would likely destroy your life. WatchMojo counts down the 10 Ways Mind Reading Would Ruin Your Life.

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10. Ethical & Legal Dilemmas
9. Fewer Jobs
8. Spoilers Everywhere
7. No More Lies . . . Even the Good Kind
6. Brutal First Dates
5. Relationship Problems
4. Political Turmoil

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  1. Well now, yes reading Minds would be an option if you could use them like that, and when I mean like that I mean you can turn it on and off so you’re not reading everybody’s mind 24/7, but what happens if it turns out you don’t really need to read someone’s mind to know what they’re going to say or do, it’s simple and it does not take any money, it’s called future prediction I know I don’t mean go into the future see what they’re going to do come back and then counter it no, I’m basically saying you get so good at knowing how a person is going to react you basically know what they’re going to do, but even still even if you know this they can still change it, and what I mean about future prediction it entails always making a educated guess that is always and 100% guaranteed a 50% success rate, because even if you’re wrong on one of the things they do all you have to do is just wait until they do something else and you are more granted success.

  2. You didn’t even mention how keeping your banking or personal information secret would become mission impossible.

  3. I want to only read minds. Not live in a reality where everyone could read minds. Watchmojo, miss me with this bull.

  4. The worst thing that could happen would be : Not be able to control it thus hearing everyone’s thoughts non stop.

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