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10 Ways Life Would Suck as the Last Person on Earth
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There’s definitely such a thing as too much peace and quiet. For this list, we’re looking at the biggest downsides to waking up one morning and discovering that you’re the only human on the planet. WatchMojo counts down the 10 Ways Life Would Suck as the Last Person on Earth.

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10. Shelter
9. Clothing
8. Bad Food
7. Travelling
6. Wildlife
5. Weapons
4. Medicine

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  1. If it just happened you would have time to prepare before you had to weary about a lot of things. A house in good condition will last a long time before it needs repaired. Plant a garden. The hardest thing would be lonely ness.

  2. I think you messed up on 5 a bit. You could actually hunt without guns. Bows and Arrows, Spears, Knives and or be creative in making your own weapons. Or if you want a gun break into houses. A lot of home owners have guns. Also last person on earth I think the gun law and waiting for permit would be out the window. Break the windows and glass cases instant gun. No waiting no fuss.

  3. But how do you actually know you are the last person alive on the earth, some humans most likely could have been artificially made without us humans knowing and you wont get some flashy signal telling you that you are the last man standing so who says other people aren’t out there


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