With the massive breakout of crytocurrencies in 2017 and the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple gaining multi billion dollar market values, it is clear that the monetary world is changing. But what effects will it have?

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  1. Wow I just found these 2 hacked Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses on the darkweb, they basically double your Bitcoin and Ethereum and then send it back to you. Try it and then like this comment if it works, the whole process takes 1 hour.

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  2. it’s gonna crash, bad shits gonna happen, then people will bitch about how they weren’t protected from it

  3. Mcafee was just on RT saying his phone was hacked and his Bitcoin’s where stolen, if he can’t protect his none of you can. I’ll stick to paper money and coins thanks.

  4. Cash is king! Hey son here’s 100€ for your birthday… Hey policeman here’s 20€ so you don’t give me a stupid ticket… Hey random merchant on the market lets bargain because the price is not fixed in the fiscal system… NOT because I can’t give you money, I must transfer numbers from my virtual account to yours.

  5. So is Bitcoin basically an iou or non-physical money like credit? …just to buy or exchange goods online?

  6. Bad people use Bitcoin? Oh… don’t they also wear shoes? Eat? Shit?sleep? Don’t blame Bitcoin blame the person.

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