Humanity has done a pretty good job recently of creating robots to perform things we really don’t want to do. But there is certainly potential for this to include decisions that have pretty dire consequences.

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    • Alltime10s I just wanted to say, the first reference has a typo, it’s Ottawa Citizen and not Ottowo Citizen.

    • how about none, most of these were just plain fear mongering and you even haven’t read about what neuralink is supposed to do because nothing you said in the video about it was even true, how can you mess up this bad? at least watch the speech he gave when he unveiled his idea then you would have known that it is not developing a technology to make you do better decision it’s a tech to make you literally smarter, in the way you can learn and harness skills at a rapid speed, like machine learning but noooooo you wanted to spread lies!

  1. “Don’t worry, I’m sure the government would program ethics into the system!”

    *Laughs hysterically

    You need to KNOW ethics to program ig

  2. Just goes to show most countries will put everyone and everything in danger just to have power. I can’t wait until I can change planets.

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