From the notorious “grave pool” at Action Park to the tragic alligator accident at Disney World Resort Florida, AllTime10s brings you 10 Waterpark Disasters.

What did you think of 10 Water Park Disasters? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. When I was about 7 years old I was going down waterslide but when I got to
    the bottom all of the inner tubes hadn’t been cleared away and I got
    trapped underneath them. The lifeguard had to save me and do cpr. I mainly
    remember people staring and clapping as I regained consciousness and
    coughed up water

  2. watching this at 2am thinking that it’s a good idea and nothing is going to
    bother me. Then getting to the pump system death and knowing that that is
    going to effect my dreams

  3. About the water slide in Kansas City, Kansas, from what I had heard the boy
    was actually, under weight, height and age requirement to be on that slide.
    It the lifeguards fault for not enforcing it and not having the proper

    The proper training part is from a friend who has an old classmate work
    there, and said they don’t train them correctly.

  4. Naw dude Disney would have been made me a rich man. Alligator kills my kid
    who wasnt doing anything but being a kid on the beach. Also, those 32
    graduates that got fucked up? Thats on them for ignoring safety officials.
    As for the UK teen in Thailand? Sure ill pay the camera guy i punched 300
    dollars, because im about to get a lot more after I sue those fucks.

  5. That’s why I don’t mess with parks often. In fact, I only went to like 5
    parks in my entire life.

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