When you fight for your country, you’d think the very least your country would do, is allow you basic human rights and the things necessary to survive… But sadly, not in these cases. These are 10 War Heroes Abandoned By Their Countries.

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    • Aristides de Sousa Mendes, portuguese Consul in Bordeaux granted thousands of portuguese visas to jewish refugees escaping the nazis, despite having direct orders from the fascist dictator of Portugal (Salazar) not to interfere. They escaped safely to the US and he then died in complete poverty because Salazar stripped him of everything

    • Telling by the current political climate, the general public opinion on our constitution, and how many descendants of the people who fought and died to build the foundation for today’s Canada are pretty well begging for scraps from their elitist masters, who are ironically mostly descended from the Nazi slime their forebears had stomped into submission are treated…..every single soldier who died in any war representing Canada since WW1.

  1. Socialism is not the same as communism so I find it quite annoying that when saying socialism you show a Soviet flag. I myself am a socialist but in no way shape or form am a communist

  2. If you’re so anti war,why are you trying to get recognition for warriors?
    Not just England to blame, there are four countries in the UK.

  3. I find it sad that people who got left behind and trapped were considered escapees and so faced execution or prison with constant abuse from others about abandoning their people. All because they got left behind and trapped and they wonder why the soldiers had mental health problems. Or even though Norway isn’t apart of the Commonwealth they helped Britain out a lot during WW2. The Norwegians were successful at the job and survived and yet Britain took all the glory and pride. But you could also go as far as saying we abandoned Germany aswell. Are Royal family are relatives of the Saxons and have family living in Europe, and at the time in Germany. We choose to think about ourselves and went against them which in some sense were kind of our own. It’s kind of no wonder when you look at it that way why Hitler took such a disliking towards Jews. Especially when not long before the WW started Britain was in the Boer War. A few similarities appear when comparing the two. I can’t even imagine how many people we let down or abandoned. I kind of dread to think.

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