There are some mysteries that not even the greatest scientists of all time have been able to explain!

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  1. Thinking about what existed before the Big Bang and the fact that it may well be just literally nothingness gives me so much anxiety to the point where I think I’ll just disappear due to the overwhelming understanding of life’s and everything’s meaninglessness in its own existence,fuck that sounds emo lol

  2. Inb4 edgy comments like ‘Gods not real’ ‘Science is better’ ‘Big bang>God’

    Literally you’re proving that you atheists have a superiority complex and I’m not even taking the other side on this matter.

  3. I see codes and information in everything perceivable by the senses, I see forces that seem unrelated but by working together they create balance and order than can be expressed even mathematically. DNA is more advanced than any algorithm ever written by humans, yet they want me to believe that code, information and order just randomly happen if you give to the Nothing enough time or zillion parallel dimensions? NOPE. First you will write the code for windows 12 by banging your head against the keyboard and then we will talk.

  4. I hate ASMR personally. It makes me super anxious. My friend loves it. But I can’t even listen to it without cringing. I have stress and insomnia but I have no idea how it would calm someone.

  5. well that goes to show you that science cannot answer everything you can ask a question in expected to be answered by someone that was not there and expect it to be answered by science if I was sitting down next to Einstein and Jesus, and asked how was the World create? who would you think I would believe? For sure I wouldn’t believe Einstein for sure I wouldn’t believe Einstein

  6. Help me with this: I came home from work as a teenager, and all of a sudden i couldn’t remember how to speak or to read the most simple sentences.. My sister went to get a book for first graders, and it all seemed like latin to me.. It lasted for about an hour.. I later went to a hospital to get my brain scanned, and it showed nothing..

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