They’re underneath us at almost all times, providing an, er, admirable service – but beneath the surface can lurk what looks like monsters, beasties, mysteries and, weirdly, treasures. Here are 10 unbelievable things found in sewers.

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  1. Which of these would you want to come across in a sewer? And, er, what are you doing in the sewer anyway – everything okay?

  2. something about the mother’s story just doesn’t make any sense. you’d think she would of tried to do SOMETHING to prevent her baby from ending up into the sewer pipe.

  3. Number 1 isn’t very surprising to me has a mexica seeing homeless people everyday living in the drains,sewage and more, basically their homeland. I feel bad for them tho our sewage can get pretty dirty and that’s not much of a good idea to live on

  4. Ten dollars for a gold fish? Where I live PetCo sells fine looking Feeder Gold Fish for a quarter. Feeders were meant as live bait, but I occasionally see fine looking gold fish in there.

  5. Well, now that you mention it, there’s this one bump that looks a little suspi… wait, by “down there” you meant down in the sewers, got it.

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