Turns out even the tiniest of screw-ups can result in major problems. From metric math mistakes at NASA to impatient generals dooming their own men, this is our list of 10 Tiny Mistakes That Caused Disasters.

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  1. What about when those guys in Hawaii ordered takeout and the Japanese didn’t know where to land the planes

  2. Castle Bravo went wrong, or I suppose you could say more right than expected, because lithium-6 is very difficult to separate from lithium-7. It wasn’t a “mistake”, it was a step beyond the reach of extant technology.

  3. only America can make a $1.4B jet that gets taken down my a few drops of water, ever heard of silicone?

  4. Hold on, shouldn’t you be putting the blame on #9 to Lockheed & Martin instead of NASA? L&M were the ones using the outdated system. All NASA did was assume L&M were competent.

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