Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Perhaps you’ve noticed that one of the biggest trolls on the internet lately has a cartoon redhead for a face. Nope, not that ginger! THIS ginger! The best part about this picture is that we didn’t have to photoshop it. Yes, Wendy’s KNOWS that trolling can sometimes make for great marketing – as we’ll highlight with these 10 times Wendy’s Owned on social media!
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    • +Top 10 Archive that’s racially insensitive to idk but damnit it is.

      I like your videos an just giving hell 🙂

      An hell….. I’d love some free frosties as well but they won’t haha.

    • If we don’t get free children-sized frosties for life after 1 year of this video being up.. we’re deleting it.

  1. Just goes to show the only place who got a higher rating of a D+ on that chart of what places has the best quality beef xD

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