Welcome to Top10Archive! As we watch them, cartoons are little more than a half-hour of mindless entertainment, but what if there’s something more to them? What if the writers, posed as average Joe’s like you and I, possess time machines? Sure, it sounds ludicrous, but how else would you explain these top 10 times when cartoons predicted our future?

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10. The Jetsons – The Future of Technology
9. South Park – The Rise and Fall of Miley Cyrus
8. Futurama – The Miss Universe Mix-Up
7. Family Guy – Bruce Jenner Sex Change
6. Futurama – Asteroid Response
5. The Simpsons – Voting Machine Rigging
4. South Park – The Ebola Virus
3. Family Guy – Robin Williams’ Suicide
2. Iron Man – 9/11 Attacks
1. The Simpsons – Trump for President



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