At E3, Keanu Reeves stole our hearts and broke the internet when he called us breathtaking! But that wasn’t the first time he proved he was the best boy of the internet! Here are 10 Times Keanu Reeves Broke the Internet! What’s your fav moment?

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  1. Keanu leaves his seat on the subway for a woman (People lose their minds and praise him)

    Keanu’s response be like: “Do you guys NOT give up your seats ever” 🤯

  2. If you didn’t know Keanu was a motorcycle guy before the squarespace commercials, you weren’t ever really a Keanu fan to begin with. The bike he’s riding in the commercial is of his own design and he owns the company that produces the bikes which last time I check have an MSRP of 120,000. One of the things he does is when he starts filming, he buys a local classified motorcycle fixes it up and rides it during filming when filming is finished he sells it as a pre-owned Keanu motorcycle and donates the proceeds to charity. He also bought the entire crew of The Matrix Harley-Davidson bikes.

  3. Since the 90’s, he’s been breaking the mold of being an actor who speaks softly and lets his success be louder.

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