In this current world, us snowflakes get offended at everything apparently. But these censors have clearly become ridiculous… These are 10 Times Censorship Went Too Far!

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    • While many of these are silly, “Baby it’s cold outside” may have some relevance to a ban. It does have suggested themes of ordering a woman not to leave a house when she wants to, as well as suggesting drinking to stop her from leaving. It is somewhat a subservience piece of a woman to a man without a choice. Beyond that it’s a nice classic piece. on you tube type “baby it’s cold outside bing crosby” if interested in listening to it to listen to it yourself

    • ROBLOX. Like, seriously, you can’t say certain names, AND YOU CAN’T EVEN SAY NUMBERS!

  1. don’t scroll down or you’ll hear virgins and boomers talk about how 2019 is the worst for censorship

  2. I hope they never censor Trump because every time he speaks he loses another voter. The British government are blocking porn on the internet

  3. *Me a Columbus native*: what backwater city did that?
    AllTop10s: Muscogee County
    Me: oh……

  4. Next, people will find a way to ban speech and sight, because nowadays everyone gets offended by everything they see and hear.

  5. China will take up half of this list. Should just call the country “Communist Censorship” aka CC

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