Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! Being a store clerk shouldn’t technically be a dangerous job, but thanks to criminals, it sometimes is. Usually in a robbery a cashier hands over whatever the robber asks for, but every now and again they don’t. Instead, they fight: with weapons, their firsts, and sometimes just their eyes. Yes, really: just their eyes. Which is the topic for today, as we cover top 10 times cashiers fought robbers caught on camera!

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  1. When I was a a gas station clerk. I used to keep a large heavy wrench by my register (just in case). Luckily I never had to use it.

  2. I was robbed once…he got away with the tip jar as he did it at 10mins before the till opened (24 hour vending machines inside, and I was cashier for gas only). I didn’t have any money yet for him to take. I think he got under 1$ lol

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