Many of the most groundbreaking inventions and discoveries are often thought to be of Western origin. But that discourse is not alway the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Here’s 10 things you didn’t know Islam invented!

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  1. Should be called inventions made by Muslims or Islamic sociaty because Islam encourages exploreing but religions can’t invent after they have set only three of those wouldn’t have arrived if it weren’t for Islam tho

  2. Please quit poisoning the mind of our sheep. Everything you mentioned was already developed by Greeks and Romans under different names except for maybe coffee and soap.

  3. Why werent Al Kwarzmi (father of Algebra) and Ibn Sina ( father of surgery) mentioned?

  4. islamic countires in medieval times were different than now. There were alot more chrsitians and jews living within the borders and they made up most of the middles class. Even in 1901 20 percent of the middle east were Chrsitians. Now only 4 percent. Chrisitians were behind alot of advancements in arabia. The correct name of ths video should be what arabs invented as you do not know the religion of the adventor and not all arabs have ever been muslims.
    Chrisitians were behind the invention of computers and much much more

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