Ahh Britain, land of Royalty, gallons of tea, and what was previously the biggest Empire in the world… You asked for it, so here we go – this is 10 Things The British Get Wrong About Britain!

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    • There wasn’t even an England at the time there was a king Arthur. He came from Welsh stories anyway. Absolutely nothing to do with England. The story is about the natives (Welsh) defending their country (Britain) from the invading (Saxons/German)who later called themselves English.

    • Celtic Revival / Adfywiad Celtaidd , you could well be right,but equally you could be wrong, if you want to believe that Arthur was welsh/Celtic then you should,but until someone comes up with a irrefutable fact we will have to share ownership off the legend.

  1. Lol Britain whitewashes worse than the us… Well we didn’t white wash at all in my school in the us We learned about all the shitty things our ancestors did, and all the shitty things our Victems did (like japan).

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