Welcome to Top10Archive! Ah, the 90’s. Anyone that grew up during this decade will likely attest that it was all that and a bag of chips. In fact, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic and want to take our Generation Z viewers on a rad trip back in time. So we threw together this dope installment of things that only 90’s dudes and dudettes would understand. You’re like totally going to hate this list… NOT!

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10. Crystal Pepsi
9. Columbia House
8. Portable CD Players
7. Passing Notes
6. Quirky Fashion Trends
5. “Be Kind, Please Rewind”
3. Goosebumps Books
2. The Dial-Up Tone and the Internet
1. Y2K




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  1. I am a 90s infant. In the 4th & 3rd grade everyone in my class made letter
    boxes and tape it on the front of our deskes and put notes in our friends
    letter boxes

    • We may have to go back a little further and do one for 70s kids.

      That’ll be an entirely different list….

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