O Canada! Our home and native land, which just happens to, in some ways, excel in comparison to America’s land of the free… But what ARE those ways? Well, here are 10 Things Canada Does Better Than The USA!

Tell us what you think America does better than Canada in the comments!

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    • Tactical Manchild While that would be great information to present, it would require several additional pages and is not really necessary given that the typical comparison made is all of The USA vs. all of Canada. But if you wanted the basics of it, statistically the areas and even regions of the world with the most strict gun and knife laws are considerably more violent and have drastically higher crime or drug use. With the exception of borders near countries with areas of conflict being considerably violent.

  1. a third of the gun crime but ten times less populations. hmmmmmmmmm weird. Better healthcare? They wouldn’t have shit unless we paid for the R&D for it, only possible because we don’t communize it and allow free market to seek profits from development.

  2. Canada number 1 exporter of asbestos to third world countries, yea, treat natives like crap, healthcare, go to Sarnia, Ont. and you’ll find crappy healthcare, long waits in Er, long, long wait for CT scans, hospitals with out dated equipment. So if you like socialism, the dollar worth 20% less than US, paying twice the amount for gas, high taxes19% gst, then Oh Canada is da place fur you eh. So excuse me I’ve got to go to the church of Tim Hortons and pray for Tim Bits!

  3. As a Canadian…we do road cleanup better (Michigan lookin at you and all your dead deer on the highway). But America is great on the whole. And your hospitals and doctors see patients faster than we do…The negative to our system is also it’s benefit because everyone goes to the ER/doctor for basically everything that people in the USA wouldn’t go in for clogging the system. If it’s a real emergency they’ll see you right away otherwise wait times to be seen can take hours. My worst wait time so far was 3h.

  4. polar bears to stay in their Russian jail

    if you know what I mean !!!and with all of them I want them I wish them to become cat food …

    who let them escape from there rusia !!! has made me feel like they have a mede tha big mistake in their lives … :-(((

  5. Mexico, United States, AND Canada are all on North America, they are ALL AMERICANS. North Americans.
    North and South America are CONTINENTS like Africa, Asia, and Europe, not countries.
    if someone is from ANY country on a specific continent, such as France, they would be European, just as someone from Spain.
    People from Egypt AND Sudan are African. You never hear the Chinese call Russians “Asians”. I never hear the Swiss refer to the French as “Europeans”.

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